2015 Executive Board


Annette Statum, NEXTEK, Inc.

First Vice Chairman

Tim Stickley, Phoenix Services

Second Vice Chairman

Kristina Hutto Minyard, Epsco Staffing


Lee Hockenberry, Office of Personnel Mgmt




Nick Conway, ADRS Liaison

2012 Executive Committee

Todd Anderson, AbilityPlus

Dan Darracott / Rosalind Burrell, Veteran Administration

Victoria Garcia, NASA

Nancy Klatt, Chambers Bottling (Coca-Cola)

Randy Nelson, Arc of Madison County

Octavia Pointer-Richardson, CSNA

Angie Stanley, Arc of Madison County

Sherry Vest, WEST, Inc.

Specific Committee Member Information

The HACEPD consists of professionals who volunteer or are elected to serve in one of the following roles. Each member of the committee is expected to attend all regularly scheduled meetings (usually held during lunch on a business work day once a month) and attend special called meetings when the member’s schedule will allow. The HACEPD does not collect dues from Board or Committee members.

Executive Board of Directors

Chairperson - presides over each meeting of The HACEPD and the Executive Board. The chairperson provides leadership, support and supervision to the HACEPD, making the most of each members talents and leads the team of the HACEPD; ensures the HACEPDs time and energies are managed effectively; coordinates information with the Alabama Governors Committee office; and represents the HACEPD from time to time as its spokesperson.

First Vice-Chairperson - in the absence of the chairperson, performs the duties of the chairperson and participates on standing committees as requested by the chairperson.

Second Vice Chairperson - in the absence of the chairperson and first vice-chairperson, performs the duties of the two absent persons, and participates on standing committees as requested by the chairperson.

Secretary - takes and distributes the minutes of each meeting, whether regularly scheduled or a special called meetings. Provides administrative assistance to the Chairperson as requested and may participate on any standing committee if desired.

Treasurer - has custody of all funds, maintains current financial statements representative of the HACEPD and submits such reports at each meeting or when requested by the chair. The Treasurer position is appointed by the Chairperson annually.

Members at Large - in addition to the five (5) Executive Board positions, the HACEPD consists of five (5) Members at Large. These members serve on standing committees, participate in all meetings, and provide support to the Executive Board. Each of the Members at Large also has a vote when special elections are held regarding activities and decisions of the HACEPD. The Members at Large may chair a standing committee as well as serve on multiple committees if he or she desires.

Standing Committees have previously included some of the following:

  • Annual Awards Banquet Committee (with subcommittees)

  • Fund Raising Committee

  • Employment Awareness Job Fair Committee

  • Architectural Barriers Committee

  • Public Relations Committee

  • By laws Committee

The Chairperson may establish a new standing committee to complete the objectives of the HACEPD and may appoint members to serve on such committees as necessary.