2015 Executive Board


Annette Statum, NEXTEK, Inc.

First Vice Chairman

Tim Stickley, Phoenix Services

Second Vice Chairman

Kristina Hutto Minyard, Epsco Staffing


Lee Hockenberry, Office of Personnel Mgmt




Nick Conway, ADRS Liaison

2012 Executive Committee

Todd Anderson, AbilityPlus

Dan Darracott / Rosalind Burrell, Veteran Administration

Victoria Garcia, NASA

Nancy Klatt, Chambers Bottling (Coca-Cola)

Randy Nelson, Arc of Madison County

Octavia Pointer-Richardson, CSNA

Angie Stanley, Arc of Madison County

Sherry Vest, WEST, Inc.

Welcome Employers!

Your local Governor's Committee is here for you! We offer training, education and information related to the hiring and employment of people with disabilities. Listed below are just some of the services offered. If you have questions not answered on this website, please contact us by email to nick.conway@rehab.alabama.gov or by calling Nick Conway at 256.650.1744.

Education and Training Services

Annual Training Seminars: We offer "open to the public" training seminars once a year. The most recent seminar, "Pathways to Success" was held on June 26th at the Jacob's Training Center and was attended by more that 60 employer representatives. More information and copies of the PowerPoint slides may be found on the Pathways page of this website.

Interacting and Communicating with People with Disabilities: The HACEPD has published a booklet on the topic of Interacting and Communicating with People with Disabilities. This booklet covers issues such as how to set up an interview, which questions are "legal" and which ones are not, and suggested accommodations for each disability type. This booklet is available for free and may be obtained by contacting Nick Conway, ADRS Liaison.

Where to find employees: Partnering with local workforce providers, the Governor's Committee is here to connect the employer with qualified applicants. A list of workforce providers and how to contact them is available by clicking here.

Best Practices in Hiring Employees with Disabilities: Non-Government, Industry or Commercial. The Governor's Committee offers information on best practices -- tried and true methods for hiring people with disabilities to work in non-goverment, private or commercial industry. Please visit the Pathways section for more information.

On-site Diversity Training: Governor's Committee members are available to provide training or seminars for your group safety training or for one-on-one consultant on disability issues. We can design and implement training programs focused on the specific needs of your business.

Accommodation options in the workplace Governor's Committee members are also available to provide information that focuses on how to have an effective dialogue with your employee on accommodations as well as link you to resources to meet those needs. We can train you to document your efforts.

How to identify the essential functions in a job: When hiring, it is important to know what the key job tasks are in any position within your company. The Governor's Committee can help you and your human resource staff identify the key tasks in any job assignment.

Disability awareness: Information is available to educate employers as to how attitudes and biases on disabilities can impact your customer service and hiring practices.

Technical assistance: The majority of people with disabilities in todays workforce do not need accommodations in order to be productive. While some employees with disabilities may know what accommodations they require and where to get them, many do not. For those applicants and employees who do need accommodations, the Governor's Committee members are available to evaluate each situation and offer suggested technology.